Educating a New Generation of Fraud Fighters

Using College Internships to Raise Awareness


In the next several years, as baby boomers begin retiring, employment experts see a problem: many openings and few qualified applicants. This is such a significant challenge for the U.S. federal government that the Department of Homeland Security, with the assistance of the Office of Personnel Management, is changing the way this newest federal agency hires people. There's an answer to this perplexing problem – interns!

Internships give college students a hands-on, real-life experience. Internships are designed to allow students to learn in a short time what ordinarily takes several years for someone who has been in the workforce. A good internship gives a student meaningful work assignments that complement his or her interests, the organization's needs, and academic requirements.

Although hiring an intern to help with fraud work requires a significant investment, the benefits far outweigh the costs if the program is planned and executed correctly.

The successful internship program encompasses:

  • proper leadership support;
  • meaningful work experiences;
  • appropriate recognition and rewards;
  • networking opportunities; and
  • flexibility and support

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