Networking Opportunities

Connect to the world’s largest network of fraud fighters.

More than 90,000 individuals across the globe belong to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

Let’s say you meet 25 members every day. It will take you nearly 10 years to meet every single one of your fellow fraud fighters. Bottom line? There’s no time to waste. You’ve got a lot of friends to make here at the ACFE. 


Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities for members to meet and connect with one another. Due to the global pandemic, most networking opportunities are currently offered virtually. 

Whether at an in-person or virtual event, you will find unique, creative and meaningful opportunities to connect with your fellow ACFE members. 

ACFE Community

The ACFE Community — an online, members-only discussion forum — is the world’s largest virtual network of fraud fighters. As part of the ACFE Community, you can get quick answers to your questions, access untapped resources from your peers and work with fraud fighters from all around the world.

ACFE Chapters

There are more than 190 ACFE chapters worldwide. Chapters act as local representatives of the ACFE, and many of them host events throughout the year. Joining a chapter is a great way to participate in the anti-fraud profession at a local level.

ACFE Events

The ACFE hosts conferences, summits and seminars throughout the year. Attendees from all over the world bring a wide range of experience and expertise. Each event provides an opportunity to build your professional network, get the latest in anti-fraud training and earn CPE.

ACFE Mentoring Program

Team up with another member through the ACFE Mentoring Program. As a mentor, you can help guide fellow fraud fighters in their career. As a mentee, you can set goals with a mentor and shape the career you want.