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Fraud Awareness Training Benchmarking Report

Fraud Awareness Training CoverFraud Awareness Training Benchmarking Report

One of the most important components of any effective anti-fraud program is fraud awareness training for your organization’s employees, officers and directors. Effective fraud awareness training can help you mitigate fraud risks, increase the effectiveness of your anti-fraud controls, and ensure that anti-fraud policies and reporting protocols are followed.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fraud awareness training, understanding how other organizations approach this component of their anti-fraud program can help you benchmark your initiatives and identify best practices. To assist with this, we conducted a survey of ACFE members and used the findings to create the Fraud Awareness Training Benchmarking Report. By reviewing this report, you can assess your organization’s fraud awareness training efforts and determine whether improvements or updates might be necessary.

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Key Findings

Figure 2: What is the primary reason your organization does not have a fraud awareness training program for its employees?

Fg-2 What is the primary reason



Figure 7: Who conducts the fraud awareness training?

Fig-7 Who conducts