Career Paths

How to Find Your Way as an Anti-Fraud Professional

Determining your career path or navigating your career in a different direction can be a daunting task. With insight into what your career path could offer, you can make an educated decision that meets your professional goals. Research the career paths below to learn more about the exciting opportunities in each field.

Which Path Is Right For You?


The field of accounting includes cost, financial, fund management, tax and forensic accounting. Accountants help decision-makers make appropriate determinations, prepare financial statements, forecast budgets, and design and monitor internal controls.

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Auditing involves conducting a formal review of an individual’s or organization’s financial statements. Auditors evaluate systems to gain information about financial systems. They also perform validity and reliability functions to assess a system’s internal controls.

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Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

Governance, risk management and compliance programs are implemented to prevent and detect misconduct and to protect the interests of employees, shareholders, businesses, governments and the general public.

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Investigators in the public sector can work at the federal, state or local level in positions ranging from local police detective to federal special agent. Investigators in the private sector work in loss prevention, and internal or external fraud analysis.

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