Who Joins the ACFE?

Worldwide, ACFE members fight to prevent fraud and corruption.

You’re Welcome Here

The ACFE is a diverse, active, global community of professionals who share a passion for preventing, finding and fighting fraud in all forms. If you’re ready to join us in our mission, become a member of the ACFE. 

We’re in Every Industry 

More than 90,000 anti-fraud professionals are members of the ACFE — performing important roles in industry, including: 

  • Health care
  • Government
  • Financial services
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Accounting and Auditing

We Serve Every Type of Organization

We’re honored to serve our members who fight fraud and corruption in every level of the economy — from multinational companies to local government agencies to small businesses. 

We’re Worldwide

Anywhere you go in the world, you won’t be far from ACFE members. Our members can be found on six continents and in nearly every country — from the U.S. to Japan, Canada to India, Germany to Ghana and hundreds of other places in between. 

We’re at Every Phase of Our Careers

Our members may be new to fraud prevention or seasoned veterans with decades of experience. From just starting out in the field to retiring and becoming mentors, ACFE members share one common goal: to reduce and detect fraud in all its forms.

Meet (Some of) Our Members

Anyone who wants to help fight fraud is an excellent fit for the ACFE. Learn how a few of our members’ careers are enriched by being part of the ACFE global community.

Why Should You Become a Member of the ACFE?

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