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Connect with more than 90,000 anti-fraud professionals around the world through advertising and sponsorship with the ACFE

Turn our members into your customers through high-impact advertising and sponsorship campaigns targeted at professionals dedicated to preventing and detecting fraud. 

More than 90,000 industry leaders in over 180 countries rely on the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) as their No. 1 resource for anti-fraud news and education.
This is your opportunity to use a variety of touch points to reach this influential group spanning virtually every industry including: accounting, auditing, government, financial institutions, law enforcement, governance risk and compliance, education, health care, insurance, retail and many more.

The ACFE as a Resource

Your reach extends beyond our membership. By advertising with the ACFE, we give you access to anti-fraud professionals around the world who rely on over 100 annual ACFE events, monthly and bimonthly publications and resources in their fight against fraud.

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Advertising and Sponsorship Program Benefits

With an advertising and/or sponsorship program, you can:

  • Generate valuable leads by hosting whitepapers or presenting a sponsored webinar. Promote thought leadership by speaking at an ACFE virtual or in-person event.
  • Generate brand awareness with an integrated marketing campaign.
  • Recruit top tier talent in the anti-fraud field.