CFE Exam Preparation

Which study method is the best one for you?

Make the most of your study time by choosing a preparation method that fits your circumstances and personal learning style.

If you:

  • Learn best on your own
  • Need the flexibility to study on your own schedule, at your own pace
  • Want to make efficient use of time by focusing your study efforts 

Then the CFE Exam Prep Course® or the CFE Exam Prep Toolkit may be the best fit for you. The Prep Course is a self-study computer program that will helps you prepare for the exam. The Prep Course features a pre-assessment, practice exams, questions with immediate feedback and direct links to source material contained in the included digital format of the Fraud Examiners Manual.

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Learn more about the CFE Exam Prep Toolkit

Upgrade to the Toolkit to get the CFE Exam Prep Course plus a study guide and flashcard app.

CFE Exam Review Course

If you:

  • Learn best from an instructor
  • Prefer to dedicate and schedule a block of time to prepare for the exam
  • Want to interact with course leaders and fellow students

Then the CFE Exam Review Course may be the best option for you. The Review Course is an in-depth class that features experienced instructors who will explain concepts and answer questions, plus interactions with fellow aspiring CFEs. You will master the key concepts covered on the CFE Exam: Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes, Law, Investigation, and Fraud Prevention and Deterrence. This course, in combination with the CFE Exam Prep Course software, will provide you with an unbeatable combination for passing the exam.

Attend in person or online. An in-person course enables you to have face-to-face interaction with the instructor and your classmates; a virtual course means all interaction is via a screen, without the necessity of travel. All Review Courses include the CFE Exam Prep Course, so you can begin studying in advance and start the course off prepared.

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CFE Exam Prep Course+

If you:

  • Learn best from an instructor
  • And need flexibility to study on your own schedule, at your own pace

The CFE Exam Prep Course+ may be the best fit for you. The Prep Course+ includes the CFE Exam Prep Course software plus 20 hours of on-demand video of instructors guiding you through the most important concepts and more.

Fraud Examiners Manual

If you:

  • Learn best on your own
  • And need the most budget-friendly option

Studying directly from the Fraud Examiners Manual may be your best option. The Fraud Examiners Manual contains the anti-fraud profession’s body of knowledge; all questions on the CFE Exam are drawn from this material. This is the ultimate self-directed study option that features the most economical study alternative, however, this method requires the most time and self-discipline to prepare for the exam.

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Still trying to figure out which study method is the best one for you? Contact a Member Services Representative and we’ll be happy to walk you through your options and help you find an approach that will work best for you. 

Pass the CFE Exam in 90 Days — Starting October 1

"I really enjoyed the 90-Day CFE Exam Challenge! The discussions were helpful, and I like the support of everyone in the community. It really helped me focus on my study." – Anja Vesic, CFE