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How to Maximize Your CFE Credential

In this guide, we will explore various strategies to help you leverage your CFE credential effectively and advance your career in the fraud examination field.

By Abbie Staiger March 2024 Duration: 3-minute read
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Whether you have recently obtained your Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential or are a seasoned CFE, are you aware of the numerous ways you can optimize your CFE benefits? Dive into strategies to maximize the benefits of your credential and fully immerse yourself in the world of anti-fraud professionals. In this guide, we will explore various strategies to help you leverage your CFE credential effectively and advance your career in the fraud examination field.

Promoting Yourself as a CFE

Effectively promoting your CFE credential can enhance your professional reputation and open doors to new opportunities. According to the ACFE’s 2022 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals, individuals who have obtained the CFE credential earn 17% more than their non-certified counterparts. To leverage the achievement of earning your CFE credential, utilize tools such as the CFE Digital Badge to showcase your expertise in email signatures, digital resumes or social media sites like LinkedIn. CFEs also have access to the ACFE Job Board, where you can upload your resume, explore the career center’s professional development tools and search openings in the anti-fraud field. Maintaining your CFE credential requires ongoing professional development through Continuing Professional Education (CPE). Familiarize yourself with the CPE reporting requirements and ensure that you fulfill the necessary credits each year. CPE helps to ensure you stay updated on the latest developments and trends in fraud examination to remain at the forefront of the profession.

Expand Your Technical Knowledge

One of the primary advantages of holding a CFE credential is access to a wealth of technical knowledge and resources provided by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).  For example, the Fraud Examiners Manual serves as a comprehensive guide, covering essential topics in the anti-fraud field and is free for all CFEs to utilize online. As a CFE, you receive access to all of the ACFE’s publications and resources, and you can take advantage of discounts on training programs and events to expand your expertise in fraud detection, prevention and investigation.

Network with Fellow Professionals

Networking is key to professional growth and development. As a CFE, you have the opportunity to join ACFE committees, such as the CFE Exam Development Committee and Chapter committees and participate in the ACFE Mentoring program as a mentor. Additionally, the CFE credential provides you with the opportunity to write thought-leadership pieces and be published in Fraud Magazine. Engaging in these networking avenues enriches your knowledge in fraud examination by facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices and helps you strengthen your professional relationships for the future. These connections can potentially lead to collaboration opportunities and pave the way for career advancement within the anti-fraud profession.  

Getting Involved: Make a Difference

Active involvement in the anti-fraud community can significantly impact your career trajectory. Joining local ACFE chapters provides opportunities for professional interaction, earning Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits and engaging in community outreach activities. Additionally, utilize your privilege as a CFE to nominate and vote in the annual ACFE Board of Regents election to help shape membership standards, uphold professionalism and ensure the organization’s future integrity. Consider taking on leadership roles within your chapter to further develop your skills and expand your influence in the field. Participating in the ACFE Mentoring Program offers CFEs a unique opportunity to mentor aspiring anti-fraud professionals and gain invaluable leadership experience while providing guidance and support. Mentors in the program benefit from offering diverse perspectives to their mentees, fostering lasting relationships within the field and being recognized as a thought leader within the anti-fraud profession.

Earning a CFE credential is a significant achievement that opens doors to a world of opportunities. By actively engaging with the ACFE community, expanding your technical knowledge and promoting yourself as a CFE, you can maximize the benefits of your credential and advance your career. Stay committed to lifelong learning and professional growth and continue to make a difference in the fight against fraud.