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Professional & Career Development

Professional & Career Development

Consistently seeking professional and career development can keep you ahead of the curve. Wherever you are in your professional career — whether you are starting your practice, changing industries or creating a succession plan — these resources can help you achieve your goals.

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ACFE Career Center

Use the Career Center to find jobs, advice, tips and more. Find customized resources to help you at each step of your professional journey.

Promote Yourself to the A-Team

When fraud strikes your employer or one of your corporate clients, do top executives thank you for your technical input and huddle without you to craft internal and external communications and other critical aspects of their fraud response plan? Take a look at these brief case studies in corporate communications. By mastering the concepts they illustrate, you’ll move closer to a seat at the table with senior management.

Hanging Out Your Shingle, Part 1

So, you're thinking about starting your own firm using your CFE credential to work as an independent consultant, expert witness, fraud examiner or licensed private investigator. However, you're not even sure of the questions to ask. We want to help.

Hanging Out Your Shingle, Part 2

In this second and final part of our series on starting your firm, we'll cover some specific aspects of being a new entrepreneur, including the legal forms of business organizations, insurance, tax responsibilities and retirement savings.

Investigator Shares Tips for Budding CFEs

As a session panelist at the 20th Annual ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition, I asked the audience: “What makes a certain résumé stand out among the many submitted for a position in forensic investigations?” I quickly received an answer. “The student must have the passion to fight fraud,” said Doug Cash, CFE, CFI, CFCI, who’s a manager of forensic accounting and investigative services at Eide Bailly in Golden, Colo.

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