New CFEs

Congratulations, you’re a Certified Fraud Examiner! Here you will find important information and resources to help guide you as you embark on this new stage of your career.

CFE Privileges & Responsibilities

Continuing Professional Education 

As a CFE, an important responsibility is ensuring that your anti-fraud skills and knowledge evolve and grow to fight ever-evolving fraud. This is why we require CFEs to earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) annually to maintain the CFE credential. Learn more about CPE: 

Privileges Exclusive to CFEs

In addition to the numerous resources and savings available to all ACFE members, CFEs have exclusive responsibilities and privileges that no other anti-fraud professionals have. You can now:

  • Vote in the ACFE Board of Regents election.
  • Participate in the Global Fraud Survey, a resource valued by numerous anti-fraud professionals and organizations around the world.
  • Join the ACFE Mentoring Program as either a mentor or mentee. Only CFEs can serve as mentors.
  • Gain eligibility to be elected as president of your local chapter.

Boost Your Career

You’ve earned your CFE credential, in part, to take your career to more exciting, lucrative places. Take these additional steps toward that goal. 

Update Your Résumé / CV

  • Add the letters “CFE” after your name.
  • Make a note in the “Certifications” section that you “Earned the Certified Fraud Examiners credential from the ACFE.”  

Use Your CFE Digital Badge

Promote your hard-earned CFE credential on social media and Credly, the world’s largest and most-connected digital network. Learn more about the invaluable benefits of using the CFE digital badge and how you can access it — for free.  

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Add “CFE” after your name on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Share a post with your network announcing your accomplishment. It’s a great way to tell the world — including future employers — of your new expertise.

Tell Your Employer

Inform your manager(s) and team that you earned your CFE credential. Share with them how your new knowledge can help your organization now and in the future.

Explore the ACFE Job Board

Visit the ACFE Job Board if you’re looking to take a new step in your career. Post your résumé and search for job opportunities. 

Other Ways to Share the Good News

  • Share the news that you earned your CFE credential — via social media or otherwise. You’re welcome to use ACFE logos and the CFE press release template, as well as purchase CFE letterhead and business cards, all of which you can find here: ACFE Brand Guidelines
  • If you participated in the 90-Day CFE Exam Challenge, post to your Challenge Group online and tell them of your successful completion.
  • Visit the ACFE Community online to connect with your fellow ACFE fraud fighters.

Give Back to the Community

You know how hard you worked to earn the prestige and power of the Certified Fraud Examiner credential. Now you have the chance to share your insights with other potential CFEs and members of your community. 


New CFE Community

  • Visit the CFE Exam Preparation Group and offer tips for how you prepared for — and passed — the CFE Exam.
  • Volunteer on one of our committees. ACFE committees offer feedback and insights on a range of issues − including higher education, editorial strategy, scholarships and more. 
  • Welcome and get acquainted with new ACFE members at a virtual networking event.
  • Join an ACFE chapter and educate your community about the importance of anti-fraud measures. 
  • Serve as a mentor in the ACFE Mentoring Program and help shape the futures of fellow anti-fraud professionals.

CFE Resources

The ACFE offers a large — and ever-expanding — online library of Fraud Resources and Training, Events and Products

A good place to start is this resource for new CFEs: "Fraud's Hidden Cost to You and Your Organization."

Online Fraud Examiners Manual 

Explore the Online Fraud Examiners Manual — the definitive body of knowledge for the anti-fraud profession. The manual is complete with best practices and regular updates to keep you one step ahead. You can access it anytime and anywhere you have access to the internet.   

Learn more about the manual and how to access it.