2021 Global Fraud Survey

2021 Global Fraud Survey

The purpose of the 2021 Global Fraud Survey is to gather meaningful information on how fraud is committed, how it is detected, who commits it, and how organizations respond after they have been victimized. Data from the survey was compiled into Occupational Fraud 2022: A Report to the Nations, the most widely quoted source of information on occupational fraud in the world.


The survey is only open to CFEs. To be included in this survey, we ask you to provide information on a fraud case you have investigated that meets the following four criteria:

  • The case must involve occupational fraud (i.e., fraud committed by a person against the organization for which he or she works).
  • Your investigation must have occurred since January 2020.
  • Your investigation must be complete.
  • You must be reasonably sure the perpetrator(s) was/were identified.

The survey closed September 20, 2021.


We realize that information regarding your past fraud investigations may be sensitive, but please be assured that the survey does not require you to identify yourself, the victim, the perpetrator, or any other parties. Additionally, we will not publish or distribute any information that could identify anyone involved in the case.


Upon completing the survey, you will be eligible to claim up to two hours of ACFE (non-NASBA) CPE. Your CPE certificate will be emailed to you after the survey closes.


If you have questions about the survey, please contact the ACFE Research team.