Connect, get involved and stand out with the ACFE.

ACFE Community

In this members-only online platform, you can get quick answers to your professional questions, access untapped resources from your peers, and participate in programs like the ACFE Mentoring Program and the 90-Day CFE Exam Challenge.

ACFE Chapters

Through local chapters, you can network and collaborate with other fraud fighters in your area. ACFE chapters also offer additional programs and events that enhance your knowledge and skills, as well as spread awareness of the anti-fraud profession.

Get Involved Through Volunteer Roles

Volunteer roles at the ACFE provide an opportunity for you to personally invest in the growth and success of the anti-fraud profession.

Serve on a Committee

Committee members contribute feedback, insight and content for different areas of the ACFE.

Join the Advisory Council

Advisory Council members provide unique insights and perspectives to help shape the future of the ACFE and the anti-fraud profession.

Serve on the Board of Regents

The Board of Regents is elected by Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs). They are responsible for setting membership standards that ensure the future of the organization.

Become a Mentor

As a mentor in the ACFE Mentoring Program, you can help guide fellow fraud fighters in their career and earn CPE along the way.

ACFE Events

The ACFE hosts conferences, summits and seminars throughout the year. Attendees from all over the world bring a wide range of experience and expertise. Each event provides an opportunity to grow your professional network.

Search for a Member

There are two directories you can use to search for a member.