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Former ACFE Scholarship Winner Lands at National Futures Association


June 2019

ACFE Member Profile
Rebecca Zinsley
Compliance Examiner
National Futures Association

Rebecca Zinsley grew up ingrained in law enforcement, so the recent college graduate was hardly surprised when she had a natural affinity for fraud fighting. A former recipient of the ACFE’s Ritchie Jennings Memorial Scholarship, Zinsley is a compliance examiner at the National Futures Association (NFA) and recently passed her CFE Exam.

How did you become passionate about fighting fraud? 

I come from a family of police officers, so crime fighting is just in my blood. When I started at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, I knew that no matter what major or career path I took, I would rely on my foundations in justice and law enforcement. I began taking accounting courses and found that fraud investigation was a perfect combination of what I've always been passionate about and the discipline I was studying. My exact major was Fraud Examination and Financial Forensics. I like knowing that even though I didn't go directly into law enforcement, I'm still doing my part to regulate an industry and ensure applicable laws are followed.

What steps led you to your current position at the NFA? 

My school's career services department actually reached out to me and asked me to apply for the position at the NFA. I had always envisioned myself in either internal audit or working for the government, but the job description for compliance examiner was a perfect application of everything I had been studying — finance and investigations blended together.

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