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ACFE’s 2022 Compensation Guide Highlights Changing Work Environment for Anti-Fraud Professionals in a Post-Pandemic World

Oct 04, 2022

The 2022 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals highlights salary trends across the global anti-fraud industry and provides benchmarks in areas such as compensation and job satisfaction to help anti-fraud professionals inform their career decisions.

AUSTIN – As was the case for many career fields, where anti-fraud professionals work has drastically changed since the start of the pandemic. That’s according to the ACFE’s 2022 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals. The report compares anti-fraud professionals who have earned their Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential with non-certified ACFE members across several categories such as industry, experience, geographic region and many others.

More than 5,000 ACFE members — a group of both CFEs and associate members of the organization — participated in a global salary survey in February 2022. The last time anti-fraud professionals were surveyed on these subjects was in the fall of 2019, well before the start of the pandemic in most regions across the world. The 2022 guide had the largest sampling of respondents outside the U.S. (52%) in the history of the survey.

Notable findings from this year’s report include:

  • Anti-fraud professionals with the CFE credential earn a 17% higher salary than their non-certified counterparts.
  • CFEs in the U.S. lead the way in terms of median compensation around the world.
  • When last surveyed, about half of respondents said they didn’t work from home at all. By 2021, 91% of those surveyed were working from home to some extent.

Other factors that played a role in compensation premiums included education levels, roles and responsibilities, and the industry the respondents worked in. New to this year’s guide is information on how satisfied anti-fraud professionals are in their current position within their company.

ACFE’s Salary Calculator:

ACFE members can take advantage of a tool tailored to their specific professional position. The Salary Calculator lets members enter their primary industry of focus, level of responsibility and primary job function to generate a report of their estimated salary or salary range.

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