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Curaçaoan CFE Inspires Youth Through Volunteering


October 2018

ACFE Member Profile
Dennis Dambruck, CFE, CPA
Head of Finance
Girobank NV

Dennis Dambruck, CFE, CPA, has enjoyed a long, illustrious career in the financial sector. While he’s worked in many different countries, he currently lives in the small island nation of Curaçao, where he volunteers with youth sports nonprofit organizations. In his spare time he plays baseball with his sons and runs marathons.


How did you become passionate about fighting fraud?

When I was seven years old, my favorite TV shows were “The Six Million Dollar Man” (I even wanted to change my name to Steve), “Kojak” and “Columbo.” I was intrigued at their ability to solve crimes. Although these were not always related to white-collar crimes, as time passed and I entered the financial world, my interest for specifically white-collar crimes increased. Digging to find out the truth or how it was done gets me going.


What is one of the biggest lessons you have learned since entering the fraud prevention field?

This might sound corny, but since entering the field, the quote I most often think about is, “Trust is not a control.” All organizations have controls in place, and even though sometimes you think you might be smarter than your predecessor, you must stand still and think about a) why the controls were made, b) why they were made in that particular way and c) whether they cover all risks before attempting to make any changes or bypassing them. It is also important to hold yourself accountable for all that you do in your day-to-day work. This is the only way you can protect yourself from negligence. Do not act blindly on instructions from the C-suite, as experience has shown us recently that some executives may do everything to enrich themselves without remorse for the victims. Always analyze instructions and, when in doubt, ask questions until you are comfortable with the answers.


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