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Generational Fraud: Who’s Most at Risk?

Mark Blangger,  
Research Editor, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners                                 


Everyone in every generation is at risk of becoming a victim of fraud. And with the emergence of the World Wide Web in 1991, the continuing evolution of technology and the fraudsters who are keeping pace with today’s technological advances, the types and occurrences of fraud are ever-increasing.


Fraud affects 25% of North American households annually and costs consumers approximately $50 billion. Here are some brief insights into the generations and the frauds to which they most often fall victim.


Defining the generations

Baby boomers and millennials are probably the generations most mentioned and read about these days, but what about those who were born before the baby boomers and after the millennials? Like many debatable topics, such as which type of fraud is most prevalent, there are differing thoughts, opinions and research results about who those generations are. An article in The Washington Post even states that with the exception of those born in 1948, “ generational identity is a lie.” For this article, let’s go with the premise that multigenerational identities do exist and that everyone is a part of — and can identify with — one of them.


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