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CFE Lets Compassion and Instinct Guide Her Career


August 2017

ACFE Member Profile
Natasha E. Williams, CFE, CIA
Global Compliance Manager
Bio-Rad Laboratories 

Unlike some CFEs, Natasha E. Williams, CFE, CIA, didn’t begin her career in fraud. The global compliance manager for Bio-Rad Laboratories began in tax, but became interested in fraud after meeting a forensic accountant. She took a leap of faith and earned her CFE credential without a set plan. “When I first received the CFE credential I wasn’t working in fraud and had no idea how I was going to get the experience necessary to land a job in the industry, but here I am today,” she said. “I love what I do and I am living the dream — and so can you.”


How did you first become passionate about fighting fraud?

My interest in fraud was first piqued when I was working at KPMG and I met a girl working in the forensic accounting group. At the time I was looking for a more interesting accounting job, and I found the work she was doing a lot more fascinating than my current role at the time in international tax. Unfortunately, I did not have the right expertise to join that group but I was awarded an opportunity to rotate into the audit group where I began building skills. After I left KPMG — several years later and before I became a CFE — I was asked to perform a special investigation type of audit. Prior to this opportunity I was performing the standard run-of-the-mill audits. I found this special audit more interesting. It prompted me to seek out the CFE certification so that I could learn more about performing fraud/anti-corruption audits and to get credibility to aid my future efforts finding a job in this field. I believed that having the CFE credential would give me leverage even if I did not have a vast amount of experience.


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