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CFE Helps Dentists Keep Fraud from Infecting Their Offices

Janice Janssen, CFE, co-owner of Global Team Solutions and Dentrix Certified Trainer at Henry Schein Practice Solutions, first became interested in fraud prevention when a dental practice at which she worked fell victim to embezzlement. The scheme was especially hurtful because it was perpetrated by someone she considered a friend. After processing the emotions so many victims go through, she became determined to help others prevent fraud before they could be taken advantage of. She started her own fraud prevention business to help dental offices, and partnered with another anti-fraud professional to help countless clients prevent, detect and recover from fraud.


What steps led to your current position as co-owner of Global Team Solutions?

I have been in the dental field for more than 30 years. About 14 years ago I discovered an embezzlement occurring in the office I was working in and it hit me pretty hard. I went through many emotions at the time. I became passionate about educating dentists about fraud and began my own practice management consulting company. I had my own company for several years and then joined forces with Denise Ciardello to start Global Team Solutions. We provide a wide range of services for our clients including practice management consulting, risk management services and embezzlement investigations. 


What does your role entail?

I wear several different hats within my company. My business partner and I share the management responsibilities of Global Team Solutions. We also provide practice management consulting and workshops to our clients. This allows us to help them put sound business systems in place to run a profitable and efficient business. As the resident CFE, my role also entails investigating and preventing embezzlement in the dental office.


What are the most challenging aspects with management consulting as it relates to fraud?

I would say trust is the most challenging aspect in practice management consulting. We all want to trust our teams, and it is very important that we do; however, the doctors and teams still need to protect themselves in the process. I sometimes find it difficult to explain to doctors and their teams that there should always be trust, but that they still need to have internal controls. The doctors do not want their teams to think they do not trust them, so I have to work really hard to explain that controls will actually lead to more trust within the workplace.


What are the most important anti-fraud related skills and tips you have learned throughout your career?

This is kind of an old adage but seems to get lost in the dental world — internal controls are a must! Dentists are not trained to be business owners in school; they are taught to fix teeth. Yet most of them come out of school and own a business. They are so busy fixing people’s teeth that the administrative side can suffer. Many dentists feel they just do not have time to have the internal controls necessary to protect their business.

The best part about the practice management side of my position is that I am able to stay up to date with the latest internal fraud schemes within the dental office. With each office I perform consultation for, I learn new ways there could be potential for embezzlement or some type of fraud to occur.


When did you become passionate about fighting fraud?

I became passionate about fighting fraud about 14 years ago. I had been working in a dental office for several years and discovered an embezzlement occurring by a woman I considered a friend. About a year later, I was training other offices on a certain type of software they were using and not one of them wanted to implement passwords in their practice. They had no type of internal controls in place that I could see. The more offices I trained, the more passionate I got about getting the message out to dentists that embezzlement is occurring in many offices.

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