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September 2015

ACFE Member Profile
Patti M. Buck-Torrey, MS, CFE
Manager of Administrative Processes & Controls, FedEx SmartPost 

“What if?” is a robust question. It was also the question that attracted Patti Buck-Torrey, CFE, Manager of Administrative Processes & Controls for FedEx SmartPost, to fraud investigation. “When assessing the control environment I always find myself thinking, ‘What if…?’ “So I started researching potential outcomes to various scenarios,” says Buck-Torrey. “It never ceases to amaze me how creative fraudsters can be in obtaining what they want.” This criminal creativity is what drives Buck-Torrey’s passion for fighting fraud. “Fraud is a forward-moving vehicle that you’re always trying to get ahead of, and that, to me, is what keeps me engaged, motivated and energized.”

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in the South Shore of Massachusetts. 


Why did you decide to become a CFE?

My career began in operations at a stock transfer company. I was exposed to a fraud that took place within the company, which I found intriguing. I felt compelled to learn more about the different types of fraud that our company was susceptible to. This led me to leave operations and join the Internal Audit Department (IAD) within the company. During my time in IAD, the need to learn more about fraud only increased and led me to earn my CFE credential. 


What do you think contributed to your success of moving into your current position?

Holding the CFE credential and a Master of Science in Fraud and Forensics have helped me in my career. I obtained my CFE in 2013 when I was an internal auditor, and I became the manager of the Administrative Processes and Controls department at my present company. Effective September 2015, I will be the manager of the Recovery and Asset Protection group within the Internal Controls Department.

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