The Fraud Examiner

Assassination By DNA: Fact or Fiction?

By Walt Manning, CFE

President, Investigations MD

May 2015

Lisa looks into a microscope on a worktable she had set up in the spare bedroom. The room is completely dark because every window and door is covered with blackout shades. Lisa has to make sure that no light can penetrate the room, but she also doesn’t want anyone to see her temporary biogenetics lab. The lab was easy to set up – she bought almost all of the necessary equipment on eBay.

She is looking at a small amount of gel contained in a petri dish. Lisa smiles when she sees a slight glow coming from the gel. This tells her that she has successfully copied the original DNA of her target. Lisa makes several additional copies of the DNA in case she needs them later.

She can now begin to work on a mutated version of the Ebola virus designed so that it will only be triggered when coming into contact with a unique sequence in her target’s DNA. When completed, the virus can be delivered either in powder, liquid or aerosol form. The carrier will be immune, since the virus only works against the specific DNA of her target.

Two weeks later, the CEO of one of the biggest Internet companies is finishing one of his famous product introductions that will once again completely change the industry. He is one of the most recognized business leaders in the world, and the pre-event publicity always guarantees amazing media coverage. After the presentation, a crowd of people waits for just a second of his attention. Lisa’s carrier is patiently waiting in the group. She knows that the CEO loves to meet and greet his fans. After warmly thanking everyone and shaking their hands, he returns to the office.

Three weeks later, he wakes up in the night with sudden flu symptoms – nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The next morning, he has his driver take him to the emergency room, where he is admitted to the hospital because of dehydration. The diagnosis is a severe case of the flu. The next day, severe headaches start, and then he also has chest pain and some bleeding from the nose and ears. He is moved to the Intensive Care Unit, and additional specialists are brought in. No treatment makes a difference, and his condition continues to get worse.

Less than one month after the product event, this icon of the business world dies. Celebrities, politicians and other business luminaries from around the world attend the funeral. The grieving family allows no autopsy.

The company’s stock plummets at the news. Lisa’s client – who arranged for the assassination – made more than $2 million by shorting the stock, spreading his transactions through multiple brokers and companies.

The day following the funeral, Lisa checks one of her anonymous dark net email addresses, and sees that she received a transfer of 1,050 bitcoins, which she proceeds to quickly launder through several of the services on the dark net that she trusts. With the value of a bitcoin at $238, this gives Lisa the equivalent of $250,000 in bitcoins. Some of the bitcoins are sent to pay her suppliers, but she converts most of the bitcoins into currencies in different countries where Lisa previously opened accounts.

The crime was never detected.

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