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For CFE, Crime-Fighting Runs in the Family

August 2014

ACFE Member Profile

Ashley Koroluk, CFE, CAMS, is an Investigative Financial Crime Analyst for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Koroluk hails from a law enforcement family – yet, in her civilian member role, she brings an intense focus to detecting fraud and fighting white-collar crime. In this interview with the ACFE, Koroluk shares the challenges and responsibilities that come with her position, along with some words of wisdom for her colleagues in the anti-fraud profession.

What are some of your day-to-day responsibilities in your job?

As the only Investigative Financial Crime Analyst for the RCMP in Saskatchewan, I assist approximately 25 investigators with every aspect of investigations focusing on money laundering, proceeds of crime and all types of fraud. Typical fraud investigations are corruption, identity theft/fraud, mass marketing fraud, mortgage fraud, large scale investment fraud (Ponzi schemes), counterfeit currency production and uttering, and embezzlement. I also assist with money laundering and proceeds of crime aspects on organized crime investigations.

Based on an evaluation and an intricate analysis of thousands of interrelated documents, events, transactions, people and conversations, I provide investigators with investigational guidance. This includes where to locate applicable evidence, identify investigational gaps, and uncover additional financial bank accounts to pursue. I also frequently identify evidence of money laundering by analyzing bank accounts belonging to the accused or accused’s companies/associates.

One of my primary job functions is to conduct financial analyses based on investigational documentation received from victims and/or produced by financial institutions to establish money flows, usages of proceeds of crime and show the magnitude of the fraud. My analysis of how the victims funds were utilized formulates a major part of our evidence in establishing the elements of the offenses, which results in criminal prosecution and hopefully, asset forfeiture.

I also assist investigators with witnesses interviews and with the preparation and monitoring of suspect interviews.

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