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June 2014

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LaToya Lacey, CFE, CPA, Global Audit & Risk Director at Diageo has climbed her way to a position that leverages all of her learned and innate skills: delivering internal audits, communication, leadership and applying the knowledge gained from fraud training and education.

Latoya Lacey

How have you seen your roles and duties change as your career progressed?

Over the years, my responsibilities have increased, and I have developed a broader knowledge of business outside of the U.S. However, there are two very important things I look for in every position: I must be challenged in a way that positively contributes to my personal and professional development, and I must be empowered to challenge "business as usual" to increase efficiency and productivity and strengthen the control environment. Those have been the consistent factors that have ensured my continuous career progression.

How did you become passionate about fighting fraud? 

Years ago, I discovered what appeared to be fraudulent activity during an internal audit that I turned over to our investigations department. The investigation led to two individuals leaving the business. This is what sparked my interest. I became passionate about fighting fraud when I realized how often fraud occurs and how business is impacted. I spent a year working in investigations, and although I'm not currently in a position where I investigate fraud, the knowledge I gained from that experience has changed the way I conduct audits and how I think about controls.

What is a memorable case or project that you have worked on? 

The most memorable case was a kickback scheme we became aware of due to an anonymous call. Initially, we thought this was an isolated incident, but as we dug deeper into electronically stored information and conducted interviews, we determined the issue was more widespread and involved various levels within the company, including management.

What is your personal motto? 

I'm a lifetime member of the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA) and currently hold the position of Immediate Past President of the Chicago Chapter. NABA has the motto of: "Lifting As We Climb" and I have adopted this as my personal motto. With this in mind, I have helped many college students obtain academic scholarships through my role in NABA and have served as a mentor to many young professionals. As I have benefited from others sharing their knowledge with me, I will continue to give back by doing the same.

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