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July 2013 

ACFE Member Profile 


Born and raised in Singapore, Ng Siew Kwan, CFE, CIA, came to the U.S. for an education in finance, beginning a path that would lead him to a career in fraud examination. He currently serves as Senior Manager, Corporate Investigations Group for Dow Chemical in Singapore, where he investigates fraud in the Asia-Pacific region and India including asset misappropriation, corruption schemes, theft of intellectual property and other issues.


Did you always plan to pursue a career in fraud examination? 

No, in fact my interest in fraud examination took flight when I was an internal auditor. I was always curious to follow up on some of the audit findings that were passed on to the Corporate Investigation Group for further investigations. I was fortunate that after six years with internal audit there was an opportunity for me to join the Corporate Investigations Group.


How did you become passionate about fighting fraud? 

I realize the importance of proper corporate governance and fighting fraud after seeing the effects and consequences of the collapse of Enron and WorldCom.


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