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September 2012

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There is no substitute for hands-on experience in fraud examination. This reality has helped guide David Wilson, CFE, in his career and is also a key piece of advice he imparts on others looking to enter the profession. As security and asset protection manager for Coca-Cola South Africa, Wilson earned the CFE credential in 2010 – and regards that, along with his successful investigations, among his proudest accomplishments.


What first interested you in the ACFE and inspired you to seek the CFE credential? 

Initially, I was just an associate member of the ACFE. Once I started receiving the communications, advice, courses offered and the professional development opportunities, I learned the value of the CFE credential.


What advantage does the CFE credential give professionals in the marketplace? 

It provides a formal framework for continued education and professional development. The CFE network provides useful resources at your fingertips to utilize during fraud examinations.


What specific advantage has it given you in your career? 

The credential has given me many advantages. One of the most important is that it adds value to court testimony as the credential is well respected by the legal fraternity in South Africa. 


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