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Fraud Committed Against Father's Business Made Impression on CFE


August 2012

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Denise McClure, CFE, CPA, is president of Averti Fraud Solutions, a forensic accounting firm that "follows the money” in criminal and civil matters, while also helping organizations improve internal controls. "Averti means 'aware' in French, and one of our objectives is to make people more aware of the risk of fraud," says McClure.


How did you become passionate about fighting fraud?
Two circumstances launched my passion for fighting fraud.  My father, an honorable, trusting small business owner, was victimized by morally flexible employees, and I vividly recall how this hurt him. Secondly, while in public accounting, I considered myself to be quite knowledgable about internal controls, but after attending an ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition I realized that I “didn’t know what I didn’t know.” That experience piqued my curiosity and ignited the passion. I love what I do!


What types of cases do you work on, and which have been the most rewarding? 

Part of what I love about my work is the diversity – criminal, civil, non-profit, for-profit, a variety of industries and sizes of organizations. But the engagements that make my blood boil are the cases of elder financial abuse.


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