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3 Steps to Simplify Audits, Demonstrate Compliance and Manage Risk Across the Enterprise

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By Attachmate Luminet 


Trusted employees commit more compliance violations than anyone else. Government and industry groups have responded by enacting regulations designed to protect public and shareholder interests. But your business generates enormous volumes of network traffic every day. Tracking all user activity and then sifting through it for abuse, misuse and error can feel like an impossible task.

What if you could:  


Quickly piece together data on multiple systems in multiple departments to create a comprehensive audit trail and demonstrate compliance?

Analyze data and respond to auditor requests for information more quickly and efficiently than you ever thought possible?

Test your level of compliance prior to an external audit?

Respond to updated regulations by changing a few rules rather than remapping log outputs to compliance requirements?

Retrieve clear and actionable evidence—long after the user activity occurred?

With the latest generation of enterprise fraud management software you can do all that and more—without adding controls or changing a single line of code. With these technologies in place, you can take a proactive approach to fraud while you improve your risk profile overall. These technologies provide you with new ways to see, record and analyze all user activity and extract patterns of behavior as well as singular instances of fraud.


Perhaps of even greater value to your organization, these solutions can help you meet key requirements of these and many other regulations: PCI DSS, FACTA Red Flag Reporting, FFIEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HIPAA-HITECH, SOX, FISMA, PIPEDA, Basel II.  

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