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By James D. Ratley, CFE


You probably did a double take when you opened your mailbox and took out this issue of Fraud Magazine. We've given FM a cleaner, more attractive look designed to help you read and learn more. 

Since we began the magazine's predecessor, The White Paper, in 1988, we've worked to give down-in-the-trenches information that you can apply to your jobs and careers. In 1996, we changed to a four-color magazine format. We then broadened our audience beyond the ACFE with the debut of Fraud Magazine in 2004. 

In 2010, we introduced Fraud-Magazine.com, which gives you everything in the print version plus additional material you can only find on the website. 

As we work through 2012 and beyond, you'll see more concise articles, columns and departments from new subject-matter experts. And we'll emphasize cases, practical pointers and transferable lessons learned in the investigative process.

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