Leon Jankowski, CFE, Incorporates ACFE Principles into his Role

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As vice president of global regulatory affairs and compliance officer for DHL Logistics, Leon Jankowski, CFE, lives a frenetic professional life as he travels half of the year visiting DHL offices around the world. Every day he reviews security problems in the 220 countries in which DHL does business and meets with executive managers and internal auditors. Regardless of the pace, he still takes time to make sure he imparts vital fraud examination principles. 

In fact, he is so convinced of the worth of the CFE credential, he has trained more than 200 DHL employees and colleagues in fraud examination principles. About 60 percent of them have become ACFE Associate Members. He subsequently encourages them to become CFEs because "it is a guarantee for our stakeholders and cusomers that we are protecting and securing company assets," he said. 

Can you explain how your division helps deter fraud internally and the steps you take when you do discover fraud? 

There is direct communication between the different business units and the department I work for. So, as soon as auditors or managers detect something wrong, they send information to my boss who will, in turn, share it with me. After we thoroughly analyze the case, we decide whether we will begin an investigation. If we do, we will build the investigation team. We also will activate the appropriate contacts among our international networks. When we confirm fraud and discover all the evidence, top management will decide if it will file a claim against the wrongdoer.

How did you become interested in the ACFE and earning your CFE credential? 

I always have been involved in fraud cases during my career. When I discovered the CFE credential as an Associate Member of the ACFE, I understood that this was a unique opportunity to be recognized as an anti-fraud professional. The CFE credential means being professional. The global recognition of this credential is now being integrated into job profiles when organizations need anti-fraud professionals, and it means higher salaries. This anti-fraud credential is the only one really known by multinationals in private or public markets.


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