ActiveData for Excel

Harness the Power of Excel with the Features of IDEA


Technology Corner 

The fraud examiner is always looking for a way to quickly and easily analyze 100 percent of the transactions of a company of any size and focus on those entries which affect the fixed assets or deferred revenue accounts. If you have that, you can answer specific ledger questions with greater certainty.

With the ActiveData add-in for Excel just released in April you easily can analyze your data and have increased control over your information from within the familiar Microsoft Excel environment. ActiveData converts the massive amount of data in a company’s records into manageable databases, which you then can query and summarize at will.

Because ActiveData was developed by the same people who brought us IDEA (Interactive Data Extraction and Analysis from Caseware) it’s no surprise that it looks and feels remarkably like that powerful utility. The one significant difference between the two is that ActiveData can’t analyze files larger than 64,000 records because of the maximum rows in Excel.

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