The Fraud Examiner

Doubling Down on Deceit: When Fraudsters Become Repeat Offenders

Laura Harris
Research Specialist, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners                                 

While boldness may not be a compulsory part of the Fraud Triangle, it takes a rather brazen individual to commit fraud. When caught, fraudsters may permanently learn their lesson and stay on the straight and narrow, or sometimes they reoffend upon release, having been tempted to return to their life of crime. 

However, occasionally an especially shameless type of fraudster attempts to commit a second fraud while still awaiting trial for the first fraud. Gamblers double down on bets, and some fraudsters double down on deceit.

All Hat, No Cattle

In 2018, Stewart Kile Williams told his employer that another rancher wanted to buy a large amount of cattle from them — which would have netted Williams a $2.5 million commission — only for his employer to discover that the buyer didn’t exist when he tried to follow up in person. When pressed, Williams confessed; his bogus buyer email and cell phone number were not enough to hide his true involvement in the scheme and charges were brought against the duplicitous employee.

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