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New Benchmarking Report: How Does Your Fraud Awareness Training Measure Up?

Mason Wilder, CFE
Senior Research Specialist, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners                                 

The tasks of detecting and preventing fraud are key to organizational risk management, and it’s very difficult to expect your employees to succeed at these tasks if they aren’t aware of the fraud risks facing their organization. It’s no coincidence that when asked how best to prevent many different fraud schemes, from expense fraud to embezzlement or social engineering attacks, anti-fraud professionals consistently cite employee awareness training as one of the most effective preventive measures or controls.

Telling an organization to conduct employee fraud awareness training could mean many things; however, there are many viable approaches, and it can be difficult to gauge the success of a fraud awareness training program. In order to aid anti-fraud professionals in their training efforts, the ACFE surveyed our members about their organizations’ fraud awareness training programs to provide a snapshot of how employees are being educated about fraud. The results are compiled in the new Fraud Awareness Training Benchmarking Report.


Who gets fraud awareness training?

A significant majority of organizations, 71%, offer fraud awareness training to their employees, and two-thirds of the organizations that offer fraud awareness training make it mandatory for all of their employees. Not all employees face the same fraud risks, however; certain roles are more likely to experience fraud than others or might face unique fraud risks based on their duties. Some organizations opt to provide more specialized or tailored fraud awareness training to different roles within their organization to account for this phenomenon. The roles or departments that most commonly receive tailored training specific to their role were investigation (65%), internal audit (61%) and compliance (58%).

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