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After-School Job Led CFE to Illustrious Career


May 2019

ACFE Member Profile
Randy Guarneri, CFE
Vice President of Loss Prevention
Fresh Value Supermarkets

During his 24 years in asset protection and loss prevention, Vice President of Loss Prevention with Fresh Value Supermarkets Randy Guarneri, CFE, has held various loss prevention and investigative positions at companies like Harris Teeter, Winn-Dixie-Bi-Lo and Saks Fifth Avenue. Guarneri is eager to take on the new challenges that await him in this role.

How did you become passionate about fighting fraud?

Initially, my main focus in loss prevention began in high school by stopping shoplifters. Later, when I became an auditor, I was exposed to a lot of fraud. Early in my career, I remember sitting in a department meeting and our vice president of loss prevention Dan Faketty told us that the auditors were our frontline of defense against fraud. He showed us case example after case example of frauds that were detected through audits. That’s the moment I became passionate about detecting fraud. Faketty was instrumental in my Loss Prevention career.

What is one of the biggest lessons you have learned since becoming a CFE?

The vast majority of employees are honest, but one or two bad apples in an organization can cause an immense amount of damage.

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