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Insurance Investigation Proves Ideal Industry for CFE


August 2018

ACFE Member Profile
Victoria Rodriguez, CFE
Fraud Investigator, Special Investigations Unit
Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Victoria Rodriguez, CFE, grew up surrounded by law enforcement influences. She always knew she wanted to help bring wrongdoers to justice and found her perfect fit not wearing a badge, but working in the special investigations unit of Texas Mutual Insurance. Even after a decade since obtaining her CFE credential, she still approaches each investigation with an open mind and adaptability to follow where the evidence takes her.


How did you become passionate about fighting fraud?

I grew up in El Paso, Texas. If you spent any time there, you know there is a military base and a large federal government presence. My family's background was in both, but most notably in law enforcement. My father, who was a police officer, and my mother, who worked in the dry-cleaning business, were strong influences in my life. They motivated me to ensure lawbreakers were held accountable, while understanding the importance of treating people with respect. My mother also instilled the value of providing excellent customer service.


Wanting to follow in my family's footsteps, I knew I wanted to investigate, but I was looking for a position that didn’t require a badge and gun. I’ve found being a corporate insurance investigator to be the perfect fit, and the profession has evolved a great deal over the last decade. I feel fortunate to have attained my formal education and my El Paso street smarts before I started my career.

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