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5-Day Vacation Leads to CFE Founding Dispute Resolution Service


October 2017

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Jill Handley, CFE 
Founder and CEO 
Rapid Rulings LLC  

Jill Handley, CFE, was born and raised in Marble Rock, Iowa, on her family’s farm in the house where her father was born. One of the many things she learned from her mother was how to make cookies. Even now, when she is not running her own dispute resolution service, she spends time making cookie-cutter cookies. “I have collected more than 250 cookie cutters of all shapes, themes and sizes,” she said. “It is a hobby that permits creativity, but it is also relaxing because of the repetitive nature of the cutting.”

How did you become passionate about fighting fraud? 

When I took over a university department that was in the “red,” I asked questions to figure out why it was underwater financially. There were three streams of income and one had changed radically. Unbeknownst to me, my questions triggered an internal investigation. One morning on my way to work, I heard on the news that the head of my division had been arrested for felony theft. When I got to work, I learned he was skimming off cash proceeds from events, and what he took caused the difference in that third stream of income. This experience taught me how valuable mere questions could be, even if they were from colleagues who were not suspecting any wrongdoing. From there, I continued developing the ability to ask good questions.

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