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Fraud Fighter Goes Beyond His 9-5 to Fight Fraud and Inform the Public

June 2015

ACFE Member Profile
Managing Consultant, Southern Africa Institute of Security and Risk Management

“In order to fight fraud, one requires an investigative mind,” said Bobby Ndungu, Ph.D., CFE, CSSP, the president of the ACFE Zimbabwe chapter and Managing Partner of the Southern Africa Institute of Security and Risk Management. Ndungu encourages chapter members and fraud fighters to conduct fraud awareness campaigns so that the public is made aware of what fraud is and how to combat it. He was born in a town called Kwe- Kwe in the Midlands Province in Zimbabwe and has a passion for spreading fraud awareness and combating criminals in his home country. As he says, “Fraud fighting goes beyond the monetary benefits.”

How did you become passionate about fighting fraud?

When I joined the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as a security manager in 1993, I realized that there were a lot of identity theft and fraudulent activities being committed in the banking sector. In 2005, I became a CFE and that is when my journey in fighting fraud began. I noticed that the poor members of the public were being fleeced out of their hard earned cash through fraudulent activities. I worked hard to reduce the fraud levels in the banking sector. 


What steps led you to your current role and what does that role entail?

On realizing that there was no training on fraud risk management in Zimbabwe, I started the Southern Africa Institute of Security and Risk Management in 2005. The institute offers certificate, diploma and advanced diploma professional courses in security, private investigations and fraud risk management. I also offer consultancy services in fraud risk management and assist organizations in designing anti-fraud policies and operating procedures. 


What do you think contributed to your success?

My interest in investigations and continuous learning contributed to my success. Eventually starting the training institute also contributed to my current position.

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