Letter From The President


As many of you are aware, the ACFE Board of Regents recently approved a change to the existing rules governing our CFE status. The new ruling states that after Aug. 26, 2008, a CFE whose designation has expired or been suspended for more than three years will have to retake the Uniform CFE Examination to regain current status. 
The Board didn't take this decision lightly; its members discussed the matter at length before the motion was made and approved. Although all Board members agreed that an expired or suspended CFE should have to take the exam after a designated period of time, they initially differed on how long it takes before a fraud examiner's skills begin to erode. 
One Board member suggested that a CFE be required to retake the examination after he or she had been expired or suspended for five years. As someone who deals daily with our membership, I suggested that the Board require members retake the examination after a three-year lapse.

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