Cybercrime: Awareness, Prevention and Response



"Cybercrime: Awareness, Prevention, and Response" is the first Canadian resource of its kind to effectively address the role of crime within this increasingly digitally dependent age and networked world. A wide spectrum of cybercrimes, including online fraud and exploitation, identity fraud, social engineering, phishing and cyberbullying, are explained and thoroughly mapped out with prevention strategies, intelligence-gathering tactics and response plans. With each chapter highlighting real incidents and referencing Canadian content, students and professionals will be equipped to tactfully approach cyber-related crimes from a law enforcement perspective.

This comprehensive resource is essential for anyone working in or being introduced to this growing field, providing readers with an overview of how cybercrimes affect individuals, businesses, governments, institutions and organizations.

Product Details

Paperback, 300

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Cybercrime Awareness Is Growing

Chapter 2: Using Social Media When Investigating Cybercrime

Chapter 3: Cyberbullying: A Modern-Day Scourge of the Internet

Chapter 4: A Police Officer’s Introduction to Investigating, Searching, and Seizing Mobile Devices

Chapter 5: Preventing Data Breaches and Reducing Theft of Personal Information from Organizations

Chapter 6: A Police Officer’s Guide to Privacy Protection

Chapter 7: Deception Is the Intent of Social Engineering

Chapter 8: Targeted Attacks: The Real Threats of Phishing, Spear Phishing, and Ransomware

Chapter 9: Internet Abuse and Its Effect on Law Enforcement

Chapter 10: Conducting Online Investigations

Chapter 11: Potential Opportunities and Threats of Future Technology

Appendix A: Checklists and Guides for Conducting Online Investigations