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The Anti-Fraud Fundamentals Certificate Program will provide you with the basic knowledge you need to become a more valuable asset in your company’s fight against fraud, even if you have limited or no anti-fraud training or experience. 

This certificate program is designed for individuals who may not possess extensive anti-fraud experience. While it does not replace the Certified Fraud Examiner credential, this program equips you with essential knowledge to recognize and address fraud risks.

To earn this certificate, you will need to complete 8 of the 13 courses available in the program. Our program gives you the flexibility to customize your learning experience by allowing you to choose the courses that will provide you with the information most relevant to your interests, your job and your organization’s anti-fraud efforts.

After completing the program and earning your certificate you will receive a digital badge that is a secure means of storing, publishing and promoting your accomplishment online. Learn more about ACFE certificate program digital badges.



This program might be right for you if:

  • Your role occasionally deals with fraud, but it’s not the focus of your job.
  • You have no previous anti-fraud training or experience.
  • You’ve had some anti-fraud training in the past, but you’d like an overview of the most up-to-date anti-fraud concepts.
  • You’re interested in switching to an anti-fraud career.
  • You’ve seen how fraud has destroyed companies, how their employees lost their entire life’s savings and you want to be proactive in preventing this from happening at your company.
  • You work in a job or department that involves a high risk of fraud.
  • You're not ready or eligible to take the CFE Exam.


The Anti-Fraud Fundamentals Certificate Program contains the following courses

1. Foundational (Complete One Course)


  • Fraud Examination 101
  • Fundamentals of Financial Investigations for Non-Financial Professionals

2. Required (Complete Three Courses)


  • Interviewing Witnesses and Suspects
  • Introduction to Asset Misappropriation
  • Introduction to Bribery and Corruption

3. Elective (Complete Four Courses)


  • Ethical Issues for Fraud Examiners
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Introduction to Contract and Procurement Fraud
  • Introduction to Financial Statement Fraud
  • Legal Issues in Fraud Examinations (International Edition)
  • Legal Issues in Fraud Examinations (U.S. Edition)
  • Report Writing
  • Sources of Information

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