Extraordinary Circumstances: The Journey of a Corporate Whistleblower



Cynthia Cooper, Time "Person of the Year" in 2002, describes how her beliefs and values gave her the courage to expose one of the largest frauds in modern history. Not only does Cooper give a first person account of the events that led to the fall of WorldCom, she expands on her experience by sharing stories and lessons learned from childhood that helped to prepare her for the adversity she would later face as the internal audit manager of the company. 

At a time when corporate dishonesty is dominating public attention, "Extraordinary Circumstances" makes it clear that the tone set at the top is critical to fostering an ethical environment in the workplace. Provocative, moving, and intensely personal, this book is a wake-up call to corporate leaders and an intimate glimpse at a scandal that shook the business world.

Product Details

ISBN 978-0-470-44331-6
, 416 PAGES

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: A Dark Cloud
  • Chapter 2: Graduation Day
  • Chapter 3: New Beginnings
  • Chapter 4: Hotlanta
  • Chapter 5: The Turnaround
  • Chapter 6: Coming Home
  • Chapter 7: Building a New Life
  • Chapter 8: King of the Resellers
  • Chapter 9: The Hottest Company in Town
  • Chapter 10: Nowhere to Go But Up
  • Chapter 11: A New Era
  • Chapter 12: The Glass Sieve
  • Chapter 13: The Tide Comes In
  • Chapter 14: The Minnow Swallows the Whale
  • Chapter 15: Finding Balance
  • Chapter 16: Top of the Mountain
  • Chapter 17: A Double-Edged Sword
  • Chapter 18: A Titan Stumbles
  • Chapter 19: The Rule of Ten
  • Chapter 20: What is Prepaid Capacity?
  • Chapter 21: Growing Suspicions
  • Chapter 22: A Surprise Visit
  • Chapter 23: The Confrontation
  • Chapter 24: A Desperate Search For Counsel
  • Chapter 25: Washington Attorneys Visit the Deep South
  • Chapter 26: Navigating the Storm
  • Chapter 27: A Visit to Federal Court
  • Chapter 28: United States of America Versus Bernard J. Ebbers
  • Chapter 29: The Judgment