Computer Fraud Casebook: The Bytes that Bite



In 1995 Computer Fraud took down England’s oldest bank. In 1996, Omega Engineering Company lost over $10 million to one disgruntled employee’s computer fraud. In 2001, two Cisco systems employees stole $8 million in computer stock option refunds through computer fraud. And technology experts and professional crime fighters predict that computer crime will continue to explode in the coming years. Brimming with these and other astonishing real-life case studies written by the ACFE members who investigated them, Computer Fraud Casebook reveals how vulnerable all businesses are to fraud and offers investigation and prevention guidance to stop cyber-thieves in their virtual tracks.

Author Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE, founder and Chairman of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, provides readers with an understanding of the scope and complexity of computer crime. Focusing on cases committed in the workplace, Wells introduces the scam methods and techniques that were unheard of just a few years ago. His comprehensive compilation forms a clear picture of the many types of computer fraud out there – including e-mail fraud, online auction fraud, security breaches and counterfeiting – and how they were investigated across industries and throughout the world. Once fraud occurs, recovering the victim’s money is difficult, if not impossible. The forty-two case studies in Computer Fraud Casebook reveal how and why prevention is the number-one goal of the anti-fraud specialist. 

From their rise to success through their cunning and diabolical schemes to their eventual capture and downfall, Computer Fraud Casebook is full of amazing stories of the investigators’ dedication, skill and intelligence to uncover fraudsters and put an end to corruption. 

Product Details

ISBN 978-0-470-27814-7
Hardcover, 424 PAGES

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Just What the Doctor Ordered (George Kyrilis)
  • Chapter 2: Of Botnets and Bagels: Vaccinating the Hospital against Cybercrime (Frank Riccardi and Jennifer Campbell)
  • Chapter 3: Pandora's Box (Dr. Vishnu Kanhere)
  • Chapter 4: Mail Order Fraud (Robin Conrad)
  • Chapter 5: Lancelot Gone Missing (Carolyn Conn, Paul Price, and Karon Murff)
  • Chapter 6: The Invoice Doctor (Bill Long)
  • Chapter 7: Unimaginable Wealth (Sandra Burris)
  • Chapter 8: Hacked (Jon Lambiras)
  • Chapter 9: Bad Education (Russ Allen)
  • Chapter 10: If Only His Nose Could Grow (Barry Davidow)
  • Chapter 11: Keeping Up with the Jamesons (Mike Andrews)
  • Chapter 12: Imaginary Satellites (George Kyriakodis)
  • Chapter 13: Never Pass Your Password (James Martin and Harry Cendrowski)
  • Chapter 14: Why Computers and Meth Don't Mix (Stephen R. Menge)
  • Chapter 15: Fishing in Dangerous Waters (Joe Dervaes)
  • Chapter 16: The Man Who Told on Himself (Alan Greggo)
  • Chapter 17: Triple Threat (Jean-Francois Legault)
  • Chapter 18: Swiped (Peter Belloli)
  • Chapter 19: Have Computer, Will Video (Dominic A. D'Orazio)
  • Chapter 20: Server, We Have a Problem (Marty Musters)
  • Chapter 21: Do It for the Kids (Michael Ammermon)
  • Chapter 22: Moving Money (Neil Harrison)
  • Chapter 23: Operation Overnight Identity Theft (Bruno Pavlicek)
  • Chapter 24: The Karma of Fraud (David Clements and Michael Cerny)
  • Chapter 25: Secret Shopper (Jay Dawdy)
  • Chapter 26: Would You Like a Receipt? (Shirley Quintana)
  • Chapter 27:The Coupon Code Crooks (Danny Miller, Michael Rose, and Conor Donnelly)
  • Chapter 28: He Fought the Law (Clifford Hunter)
  • Chapter 29: Eyes on the Company Secrets (Tyson Johnson)
  • Chapter 30: French Connections (Michael Nott)
  • Chapter 31: Irreconcilable Differences (Jennifer Birtz)
  • Chapter 32: Keeping It In the Family (Eric Sumners)
  • Chapter 33: I Due (Rebecca Busch)
  • Chapter 34: What Lies Inside the Trojan Horse (Johnathan Tal)
  • Chapter 35: Lost in Transition (Amy Cron)
  • Chapter 36: Super Hero Syndrome (Hatitye Zhakata)
  • Chapter 37: Stealing for the Sale (William J. Pederson, Timothy M. Strickler)
  • Chapter 38: Double Trouble (Stephen P. Weber)
  • Chapter 39: Do As I Say, Not as I Do (Richard Woodford)
  • Chapter 40: Cinderella: One Glass Slipper Just Wasn't Enough (Antonio Ivan S. Aguirre)
  • Chapter 41: Bloggers: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff (Steven Solieri, Joan Hodowanitz, and Andrew Felo)
  • Chapter 42: The Campus Con (Kevin Sisemore)
  • Chapter 43: One for You, One for Me: A Tale of Crooked Insurance (Steve Martin)