Business Management Controls: A Guide



"Business Management Controls: A Guide" describes the various types of controls in all core business functions and outlines several frameworks for designing and implementing those controls. Case studies are used to illustrate and offer further guidance on applying these controls. The author also presents more than 20 recommendations that you can apply to your own business.

This book helps companies learn to control and improve the management of assets, transactions, operations, performance and systems activities. You will learn how to develop streamlined and successful working practices, and how to best facilitate and protect your own business operations in a more effective way.

Product Details

ISBN 978-1-84928-428-8
Paperback, 357 PAGES

Table of Contents:

  • Part A: Establishing the Internal Controls Environment
  • Chapter 1: Business Management Controls Framework
  • Chapter 2: Enterprise Governance Controls
  • Chapter 3: Risk and Compliance Controls
  • Part B: Main Types of Strategic and Operational Controls
  • Chapter 4: Strategic Management Controls
  • Chapter 5: Financial Management and Accounting Controls
  • Chapter 6: Customer Sales and Production Management Controls
  • Chapter 7: IT Governance Controls
  • Chapter 8: Business Data Management Controls
  • Chapter 9: Business Intelligence and Espionage Controls
  • Part C: Implementing Business Management Controls
  • Chapter 10: Business Performance Management Frameworks
  • Chapter 11: Business Performance Management Controls
  • Chapter 12: Roles and Responsibility of Participants in Business Management Controls
  • Chapter 13: Human Factors in Applying Business Management Controls
  • Part D: Enhancing Business Operations
  • Chapter 14: Business and IT Continuity Management Controls
  • Chapter 15: Case Studies: Applying Business Management Controls to Mitigate Fraud and Other Risks
  • Chapter 16: Auditing Business Management Controls
  • Chapter 17: Final Conclusion