Anatomy of a Fraud Investigation: From Detection to Prosecution



Providing expert insights into what takes place during a fraud investigation, "Anatomy of a Fraud Investigation" is a valuable resource, whether you are a fraud examiner, auditor or if you simply suspect fraud may be occurring in your organization. This is a fascinating insider look at a fraud examination, designed to help you better understand fraud detection, investigation and deterrence. Written by a seasoned fraud examiner with over twenty-two years of experience conducting fraud investigations, this book articulates the investigative thought process through an authentic case, from the first tip to the final judgment in court. 

Unpacking the finer points that make fraud investigative work interesting and challenging, "Anatomy of a Fraud Investigation" breaks down the “juicy details” of investigating a fraud from beginning to end, with an analysis of the steps and measures involved in each stage of an actual fraud investigation.

Product Details

ISBN 978-0-470-56047-1
Hardcover, 194 PAGES

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: First Indications (They're Doing What)
  • Chapter 2: The Importance of Planning (Maximizing Desired Outcomes)
  • Chapter 3: Collecting the Evidence (a.k.a. “The Raid”)
  • Chapter 4: Reviewing the Evidence (The Day After)
  • Chapter 5: Electronic Evidence Considerations (Computers, Files, and Communications)
  • Chapter 6: Interviewing (Responding to Tears)
  • Chapter 7: Importance of Documentation (Keeping Track of Things)
  • Chapter 8: Further Investigative Measures (Obtaining More Evidence)
  • Chapter 9: Tracking Down Leads (The Plot Thickens)
  • Chapter 10: Drawing Conclusions (What Does It All Show)
  • Chapter 11: Confronting the Suspect (He Didn’t Do Anything Wrong)
  • Chapter 12: Documenting the Investigation (Your Written Report)
  • Chapter 13: Working Towards a Resolution (I Don't Want to Go to Prison)
  • Chapter 14: Case Closed!
  • Epilogue: Do You Want to Know the Outcome?