No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller



"No One Would Listen" is the exclusive inside story of the Harry Markopolos-led investigation into Bernie Madoff and his $65 billion Ponzi scheme. While a lot has been written about Madoff's scam, few actually know how Markopolos and his team-affectionately called "The Fox Hounds" by Markopolos himself, uncovered what Madoff was doing years before this financial disaster reached its pinnacle. Unfortunately, no one listened, until the damage from the world's largest-ever financial fraud was irreversible. 

Since that time, Markopolos has testified and questioned the enforcement and fraud investigation capabilities of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), shared a sliver of this page-turning story with 60 Minutes, and has become one of the world's most visible and insightful whistleblower on fraud and conflicts of interest in financial markets. 

Throughout the book, Markopolos and his Fox Hounds tell their first-hand story of investigating Madoff-with the help of bestselling author David Fisher. They explain how they discovered the fraud, and then how they provided credible and detailed evidence to major newspapers and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) many times between 2000 and 2008, only to have their warnings ignored repeatedly by the SEC. 

"No One Would Listen"

  • Provides a personal account of how Markopolos uncovered Madoff's scam years before it actually fell apart
  • Explores the human element of fraud
  • Explains internal fraud at employee and management levels
  • Discusses how the SEC missed the red flags raised by Markopolos
  • Identifies basic fraud detection tools and techniques
  • Describes how Madoff was enabled by investors and fiduciaries alike
  • Is the only book to tell the story of Madoff's scam and the SEC's failings by those who saw both first hand

Despite repeated written and verbal warnings to the SEC by Harry Markopolos, Bernie Madoff was allowed to continue his operations. "No One Would Listen" paints a vivid portrait of Markopolos and his determined team of financial sleuths, and the impact they will have on financial markets and financial regulation for decades to come. 

Product Details

ISBN 978-0-470-55373-2
Hardcover, 376 PAGES

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: A Red Wagon in a Field of Snow
  • Chapter 2: The Slot Machine That Kept Coming Up Cherries
  • Chapter 3: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Chapter 4: Finding More Peters (to Pay Paul)
  • Chapter 5: The Goddess of Justice Wears a Blindfold
  • Chapter 6: Didn’t Anyone Want a Pulitzer?
  • Chapter 7: More Red Flags Than the Soviet Union
  • Chapter 8: Closing the Biggest Barn Door in Wall Street History
  • Chapter 9: Soaring Like an Eagle Surrounded by Turkeys
  • Epilogue: Mr. Pinkslip Goes to Washington
  • Appendix A: Madoff Tops Charts; Skeptics As How
  • Appendix B: The World’s Largest Hedge Fund Is a Fraud
  • Appendix C: Online Resource Guide for the Classroom and Beyond