Fraud Casebook: Lessons from the Bad Side of Business



Fraud Casebook: Lessons from the Bad Side of Business is the most comprehensive book ever compiled on fraud case studies, presenting the collected insights of some of the most experienced fraud examiners in the world. This book not only provides an insider look at fraud, it serves to educate readers to hopefully avert some of the mistakes made in the past. It illuminates the combination of timing, teamwork and vision necessary to understand fraud and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Highlights include: 

  • 62 cases handpicked and edited by Dr. Joseph T. Wells CFE, CPA, founder and Chairman of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Cases explore the three main categories of fraud: asset misappropriation, corruption and fraudulent financial statements
  • Each case provides an informative and entertaining look into the complex social factors behind fraudulent behavior

Product Details

ISBN 978-0-470-13468-9
Hardcover, 610 PAGES

Table of Contents:


PART 1 Asset Misappropriation 1

CHAPTER 1 High Art, Low Value: How a Connoisseur Became a Convict 3 
by Ellen A. Fischer

CHAPTER 2 The Ambitious Payroll Manager 16 
by John Tonsick

CHAPTER 3 The Insider 25 
by Craig R. Sinnamon

CHAPTER 4 Aloha, Hawaii! 36 
by Dominic A. D’Orazio

CHAPTER 5 What About Pete? 44 
by Michael Goldman

CHAPTER 6 Check, Please 54 
by Peter Parillo

CHAPTER 7 The MoJo Skim Twins 61 
by John F. Kronick

CHAPTER 8 The Mole 71 
by Manuel Pereira

CHAPTER 9 Her Passion for Fashion 79 
by Bethmara Kessler

CHAPTER 10 An Unaffordable Complex 91 
by Jeffrey D. Barsky

CHAPTER 11 A Taxing Problem 100 
by Andrew H. Kautz

CHAPTER 12 Phantom Links In The Supply Chain 108 
by Christopher J. Kelly

CHAPTER 13 The Trusting Business Owner 117 
by David H. Glusman

CHAPTER 14 The $13 Million Man 126 
by John Francolla

CHAPTER 15 They Didnt Know Jack 137 
by Janet M. McHard

CHAPTER 16 The Skim Sisters 145 
by Adam K. Bowen

CHAPTER 17 No Such Thing as a Free Lunch 156 
by Suzanne Coggins

CHAPTER 18 The Dirty Custodian 164 
by Paul J. Harvey

CHAPTER 19 The Video Game 172 
by Carlos L. Holt

CHAPTER 20 Bet Your Life on It 183 
by Howard B. Grobstein and Joshua R. Teeple

CHAPTER 21 When Petty Cash Isn’t Petty 195 
by Karen Frey

CHAPTER 22 Where Did My Money Go?203 
by Robert Barr

CHAPTER 23 Three Strikes and You’re Out! 212 
by Mary Best

CHAPTER 24 Country Club Fraud — What a Steal! 222 
by John Boekweg

CHAPTER 25 Where in the World Is Dina Sanchez? 233 
by Briana J. Paciorek

CHAPTER 26 School of Fraud 242 
by Nessan Ronan

CHAPTER 27 Price Check on Register One 251 
by Dwight Taylor

CHAPTER 28 The Sky Is the Limit 260 
by Brian E. Browning

CHAPTER 29 Supplemental Income 268 
by James E. Whitaker

CHAPTER 30 An Innocent Perpetrator 276 
by Howard C. Sparks

CHAPTER 31 Dr. Amy 285 
by Stephen A. Pedneault

CHAPTER 32 Patriotic Game 295 
by James Lee

CHAPTER 33 Would You Like the Special Poutine, If You Know What I Mean? 305 
by Richard Elliott

CHAPTER 34 Three-Ring Circus: An Exposé of a Corporate Commission Embezzlement 316 
by David A. Schneider

CHAPTER 35 One Bad Turn Deserves Another 327 
by Forrest Bowman Jr. and Charles F. G. Kuyk III

CHAPTER 36 Dialing for Dollars 337 
by Ian Henderson

CHAPTER 37 Wake-Up Call 343 
by Michael Speight

CHAPTER 38 The Dental Queen 351 
by Kenneth J. Wilson

CHAPTER 39 Shirley A. Little Wouldn’t Hurt! 358 
by A. T. “Chief” Schwyzer

CHAPTER 40 Just When You Thought It Was Safe 368 
by Frank D. Moran Jr.

CHAPTER 41 How Many Ways Can I Defraud You? 378 
by David Clements

PART 2 Corruption Schemes 389

CHAPTER 42 A Contract of Convenience 391 
by Robert B. Walsh Jr.

CHAPTER 43 Corruption by Seduction 404 
by Douglas M. Watson

CHAPTER 44 “Big Easy” Business 418 
by Patrick W. Malik and Jeffrey R. Sebree

CHAPTER 45 Unlucky 13 425 
by Graham J. Thomson

CHAPTER 46 It ’s 11 p.m. Do You Know What Your IT Director Is Up To? 434 
by John Kula

CHAPTER 47 These Weights Didn’t Measure Up! 444
by Joseph R. Dervaes

CHAPTER 48 Swimming with the Sharks 455 
by Pedro Fabiano

CHAPTER 49A New York State of Fraud 466 
by Martin T. Biegelman

CHAPTER 50 Information Superhighway 477 
by Barry Davidow

PART 3 Financial Statement Fraud Schemes 491

CHAPTER 51 Banking on Fraud 493 
by Jason Lee

CHAPTER 52 Just a Matter of Time 502 
by Margaret Smith

CHAPTER 53 Bury Me Not in Guyandotte 510 
by John W. Burdiss

CHAPTER 54 The Woolly Mammoth Eats Its Prey 519 
by Paul Pocalyko and Charles N. Persing

CHAPTER 55 Double Damage 527 
by Matthias K. Kopetzky

CHAPTER 56 How to Steal a Million Dollars Without Taking the Cash 536 
by Richard A. Riley

PART 4 Other Fraud Schemes 547

CHAPTER 57 This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land 549 
by Andrew Pappas

CHAPTER 58 Paradise Lost 560 
by Pierre E. Lautischer

by Rebecca S. Busch

CHAPTER 60 The Million-Dollar Breach of Trust 577 
by Holly Frook Graham

CHAPTER 61 Troubled Water 587 
by Dimiter Petrov Dinev

CHAPTER 62 Con Artists Gone Wild 596 
by Heinz Ickert

Index 607