White-Collar and Corporate Crime: A Documentary Reference Guide



Corruption, bribery, insider trading, securities fraud, stock manipulations and illegal business practices have long been an ongoing problem in big business. While white-collar crime and corporate greed have recently received much attention, and misdeeds at the top of the financial food chain are certainly nothing new.  

From Gilded Age railroad scandals to the muckraking period, from the savings and loan debacle to corporate fallout during the recent economic meltdown, some individuals and companies have chosen to take the low road to achieve “the American dream". While these offenders throughout modern history may have lacked ethics, morals or good judgment, they certainly were not lacking in creativity. 

"White-Collar and Corporate Crime: A Documentary Reference Guide" traces the fascinating history of white-collar and corporate criminal behavior from the 1800s through the 2010 passage of the Dodd-Frank financial reform measure. Dr. Gilbert Geis, CFE, scrutinizes more than a century of episodes involving corporate corruption and other self-serving behaviors that violated antitrust laws, bribery statutes and fraud laws. The various attempts made by authorities to rein in greed and the methods employed by wrongdoers to evade these controls are also discussed and evaluated.

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ISBN 978-0-313-38054-9
Hardcover, 351 PAGES

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: What Is White-Collar and Corporate Crime?
  • Chapter 2: The Robber Barons
  • Chapter 3: The Muckrakers
  • Chapter 4: Antitrust Crimes
  • Chapter 5: Major Scandals and Scams: 1864-1993
  • Chapter 6: Insider Trading and Related Crimes
  • Chapter 7: Government White-Collar Crimes
  • Chapter 8: White-Collar Crime in the Professions
  • Chapter 9: Environmental and Consumer Crimes
  • Chapter 10: The Enron Decade of Corporate Debacles
  • Chapter 11: Outdoing Ponzi: Bernie Madoff, R. Allen Stanford, and Boss Jezda
  • Chapter 12: The Great Economic Meltdown: 2007-2009
  • Chapter 13: Doing Something About It