The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust



Who is Bernie Madoff, and how did he pull off the biggest Ponzi scheme in history? 

This question has fascinated people ever since the news broke about the New York financier who swindled his friends, relatives, and other investors out of $65 billion. And in "The Wizard of Lies", Diana B. Henriques of The New York Times has written the definitive book on the man and his scheme, drawing on unprecedented access and more than one hundred interviews, including Bernie Madoff’s first interviews for publication since his arrest. Henriques also provides vivid details from the lawsuits and government investigations that explode the myths that have come to surround the story, and in a revised and expanded epilogue she unravels the latest legal developments. 

A true-life financial thriller, "The Wizard of Lies" contrasts Madoff’s remarkable rise on Wall Street with dramatic scenes from his accelerating slide toward self-destruction. It is also the most complete account of the heartbreaking personal disasters and landmark legal battles triggered by Madoff’s downfall—the suicides, business failures, fractured families, shuttered charities—and the clear lessons this timeless scandal offers to Washington, Wall Street, and Main Street.

Product Details

ISBN 978-1-250-00743-8
Paperback, 464 PAGES

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: An Earthquake on Wall Street
  • Chapter 2: Becoming Bernie
  • Chapter 3: The Hunger for Yield
  • Chapter 4: The Big Four
  • Chapter 5: The Cash Spigot
  • Chapter 6: What They Wanted to Believe
  • Chapter 7: Warning Signs
  • Chapter 8: A Near-Death Experience
  • Chapter 9: Madoff's World
  • Chapter 10: The Year of Living Dangerously
  • Chapter 11: Waking Up in the Rubble
  • Chapter 12: Reckoning the Damage
  • Chapter 13: Net Winners and Net Losers
  • Chapter 14: The Sins of the Father
  • Chapter 15: The Wheels of Justice
  • Chapter 16: Hope, Lost and Found
  • Chapter 17: The Long Road Forward