The Thief in Your Company: Protect Your Organization from the Financial and Emotional Impacts of Insider Fraud



ACFE Regent Emeritus and forensic accountant Tiffany Couch has seen theft in many forms, but what sticks with her the most is not the fraud schemes or the dollar losses. It’s the victims who all experience the same emotional devastation that these crimes leave in their wakes. Her warning: it can happen to you.

In this book, learn how to protect yourself and your organization from becoming a victim of fraud.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify and prevent the most common fraud schemes
  • Recognize the characteristics of typical fraudsters
  • Encourage whistleblowers to report suspicious activity
  • Take steps if and when fraudulent activity is discovered
  • Understand the emotional impact of financial crimes

Product Details

ISBN 978-1-619-61586-1
Paperback, 248 PAGES

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part I. The Second-Oldest Profession
  • 1. Fraud Is a Human Problem
  • 2. Size Doesn't Matter
  • 3. Denial-Not a River in Egypt
  • Part II. Right Under Your Nose
  • 4. First You Have to Look
  • 5. Show Me the Money
  • 6. Why Auditors Don't Find Fraud
  • 7. The Quiet Whistleblower
  • Part III. Anatomy of a Fraud... and a Fraudster
  • 8. The Fraud Triangle
  • 9. Red Flags are Flying
  • 10. Caught! Fraudsters Act Like Your Kids
  • Part IV. Prevention and Recovery
  • 11. Tone at the Top
  • 12. Segregate Duties and Establish Internal Controls
  • 13. To Prosecute or Not
  • 14. I Found Fraud! Now What? Ten Steps
  • The Thief in Your Company
  • About the Author
  • Glossary