The Fraud Audit: Responding to the Risk of Fraud in Core Business Systems



Offering the guidance, strategy, and tools you need to respond to the very real, ongoing risk of fraud, The Fraud Audit presents a proactive, preventive response to fraud. Revealing how to keep fraud at bay through the Awareness Theory Methodology (ATM)—a vigorous fraud audit framework that will help you and your staff understand the how, why, and where of fraud—this book helps you identify fraudulent transactions that warrant an investigation. 

Author Leonard Vona draws on his extensive experience as a financial investigation expert to provide invaluable insight on recognizing fraud scenario potentials from among the millions of transactions in your business's systems. Whether you are an accountant, auditor, or a fraud examiner, this timely book explains how to gather information in identifying fraud risks, assessing those risks, and responding aggressively to them. 

With an emphasis on fraud occurring within your business's core systems—including procurement, disbursement, payroll, financial statement reporting, inventories, program management, and journal entries—The Fraud Audit explores:

  • The fraud paradigm
  • Fraud audit standards
  • Fraud risk structure
  • Brainstorming—why it works impressively in fraud risk detection
  • Building your fraud audit program
  • The art and science of data mining for fraud
  • Document analysis—the red flags to watch out for
  • Conveying the impact of potential fraud to management
  • Anticipate fraud before it shows up

Straightforward with easy-to-implement guidance, The Fraud Audit provides the sound business advice you need for a problem that's here to stay.

Product Details

ISBN 978-0-470-64726-4
Hardcover, 379 PAGES

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: What Is a Fraud Audit?
  • Chapter 2: Professional Standards
  • Chapter 3: Fraud Scenarios
  • Chapter 4: Brainstorming: The Implementation of Professional Standards
  • Chapter 5: Assessment of Fraud Likelihood
  • Chapter 6: Building the Fraud Audit Program
  • Chapter 7: Data Mining for Fraud
  • Chapter 8: Fraud Audit Procedures
  • Chapter 9: Document Analysis
  • Chapter 10: Disbursement Fraud
  • Chapter 11: Procurement Fraud
  • Chapter 12: Payroll Fraud
  • Chapter 13: Revenue Misstatement
  • Chapter 14: Inventory Fraud
  • Chapter 15: Journal Entry Fraud
  • Chapter 16: Program Management Fraud
  • Chapter 17: Quantifying Fraud