Strategic Career Engagement: The Definitive Guide for Getting Hired and Promoted



Becoming the hiring manager's candidate of choice is not a matter of luck — it's how well your accomplishments and the benefits of your expertise can contribute toward an organization's strategic objectives. 

Author, consultant and former Fortune 500 hiring manager Donn LeVie Jr., CFE follows up his popular and award-winning book, Confessions of a Hiring Manager Rev. 2.0 (Second Edition), with more in-depth expert advice for those seeking either a great job, a stellar career or both.

This Book Will Show You How To:

  • Enhance your "likeability factor" by including words hiring managers favor in your cover letters, résumés and interviews
  • Create an impressive portfolio that sells your skills, core competencies and functional expertise
  • Position yourself as a valuable asset to the hiring manager
  • Promote your expertise, even after the interview has ended
  • Use the language of "impression management" in cover letters, résumés and interviews

Product Details

ISBN 978-1-937-67808-1
Paperback, 200 PAGES

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Hiring Manager’s Side of the Desk
  • Chapter 2: The Hiring Manager’s Dilemma
  • Chapter 3: Raise Your Likeability Factor
  • Chapter 4: What Hiring Managers are Looking for in Candidates
  • Chapter 5: The Candidate Strategy
  • Chapter 6: The Role of Professional Credentials in the Job Market
  • Chapter 7: Selling the Future Benefits of Your Expertise in Cover Letters
  • Chapter 8: Advanced Résumé Therapy
  • Chapter 9: Fine-Tuning Your Job Interview Strategy
  • Chapter 10: The Post-Interview Strategy
  • Chapter 11: After Saying “Yes” to the Job Offer
  • Chapter 12: Making the Jump: Career Transitions
  • Chapter 13: They Can’t Pay You Enough to be Miserable: Time to Move On
  • Chapter 14: Becoming an Authority