Doing Justice: A Prosecutor's Thoughts on Crime, Punishment, and the Rule of Law



From one-time federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York and 32nd Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference keynote speaker Preet Bharara comes a book that provides you with an important overview of the way the American justice system works, and why the rule of law is essential to our survival as a society.

In “Doing Justice,” Bharara provides you with many illustrative anecdotes and case histories from his storied, formidable career — the successes as well as the failures — to shed light on the realities of the legal system and the consequences of taking action.

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Hardcover, 368 Pages

Table of Contents:

Preface ix

Part I Inquiry

Introduction 3

The Truth Is Elusive: The Boys 8

Things Are Not "What They Seem: "Urbane Cowboys" 15

Gold-Standard Investigators: The Ethic of the Mob Buster Kenny McCabe 27

The Problem of Confirmation Bias: Latent Fingerprint 17 35

The Need for Rigor: A Death in Soundview 47

Curiosity and Query: Asking Basic Questions 60

The Principles of Interrogation: "Barbarism Is Not Necessary" 73

Snitches: The Moral Quicksand of Cooperating Witnesses 92

Continuity and Change: Justice Through Innovation 122

Part II Accusation

Introduction 137

The Grinding Machinery 146

God Forbid 154

Walking Away 171

Culture 191

Bollywood 201

Part III Judgment

Introduction 217

Day in Court 220

The Judge 233

The Trial 251

Three Men in a Room 271

The Verdict 277

Part IV Punishment

Introduction 287

Baby Carlina 290

Lord of the Flies 302

Beyond Justice 323

Acknowledgments 329

Index 333